Bear Creek

Author: Dan Arnold
Book #0 of Series: N/A
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Published year: 2016
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When former Texas Ranger John Everett Sage took off on foot to catch a runaway horse from the train depot, he put his foot into something that would either change his life forever, or end it quicklyWhen former Texas Ranger, John Everett Sage, steps off a train to stretch his legs, he puts his foot into something that will change his life forever. A run away horse leads him in a new direction, one that will pull all the disparate elements of his life together. John will find his family, only to see them travel away in search of their own destiny. He'll face new responsibilities, his personal limitations and the evil intentions of desperate men whose souls are lost to greed. Along the way he'll win the trust of a community, the support of a governor and the love of a woman. Even though the newspapers will probably get it wrong, as Colorado prepares to enter the twentieth century, John Everett Sage will become part of the legend of the west.

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