Hillbilly Rockstar

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"We don't normally contract out for that long with one person, let alone two," Garrett pointed out.
Devin scowled. "I don't need two full-time security guards. I'm still not convinced I need even one. I'm leaning toward callin' this whole thing a gigantic waste of everyone's time-especially mine."
Liberty kept her face schooled, but she was thinking, Wow. Diva much?
Garrett must've been thinking along the same lines because his gaze hooked hers. "Why don't you tell Mr. McClain and his . . . advisers what you found on your security check of the tour bus?"
Liberty addressed the bearded guy, who appeared to be in charge. Holding up the clipboard, she pointed to all the red check marks. "These are considered security weak spots. I found more than a dozen. The first one? Door to the bus wasn't shut, let alone locked. And upon examination, the lock is nonfunctioning."
"Maybe the person who beat the shit out of JT busted it when he broke in," Devin said tightly. "We haven't had time to get it fixed, and it worked fine before that."
She had no idea who the JT person was. "Or maybe the fact it was broken beforehand and no one had checked it made access easier?" she said coolly.
"What are you insinuating?"
"Nothing. I'm stating facts." She waggled the clipboard at him. "Your current security measures are downright laughable, Mr. McClain, since you don't seem to have any."
Liberty shot Garrett a look. He wasn't wearing a frown that indicated she'd stepped out of line.
"Who exactly are you?" Devin said to Liberty with a slight sneer in his tone.
Garrett leaned forward, locking his gaze to Devin's. "Liberty works for me as a security specialist. And before you further insult her, I'll point out that she spent years in the army, working for various security task forces. She knows what she's talkin' about. Questioning her qualifications is not only an insult to her but to me, so tread lightly."
Devin held up his hands in mock surrender. "I apologize to both of you." He directed his next question to Liberty. "Please summarize what you see as the biggest security risks."
"First, it sounds like you have zero personal protection right now."
"I wouldn't say zero. I have security escorts at the larger event centers."
"That's your biggest mistake right there, especially if you've been dealing with any kind of personal threats. You need daily personal protection. Did you have security guards in Kansas City?"
"Inside the arena."
"Did they escort you from the bus inside the building?"
He shook his head.
"Whose decision was that?"
"Mine. I usually walk with the band."
"That would be the first thing I'd change. More than safety in numbers, you need professional security. I doubt your drummer would know what to do if you were attacked."
The bearded guy laughed and covered the noise with a cough.
"What else?"
"Take your face and your name off the side of the bus. That's just inviting trouble. If having your face billboard sized is a vanity thing, get over it. A nondescript vehicle cuts your security risks in half since no one knows you're on board."
Devin's mouth tightened, but he didn't respond.
So she continued. "There are four bunk spaces, but it looks to me as though they're being used to store random sh-stuff. It's an easy place for someone to hide or to hide something. The band doesn't travel on your bus?"
"The band travels in a separate bus, as do the roadies who handle the equipment."
"How many buses are in the Devin McClain traveling show?"
"There are three tour buses and two semis."
"We're getting sidetracked here," three-piece-suit guy interjected. "I need to know if GSC can handle Devin's security needs."
Garrett tapped his pen on the table. "I'm getting mixed signals. Who makes the final decision on this?"
"I do," Devin said, keeping his focus on Garrett. "So let's cut to the chase. Here are my revised security requirements. One security specialist who will blend in with my crew. While security is your main concern, privacy is mine. I require time alone to work. I understand this person will need to be close by at all times, but you all need to understand that if I have to choose between my safety and my ability to make music, the music will win every time."
For the first time, Liberty understood Devin's underlying frustration with the situation.
"Give me time to confer with my team. Any last questions before we duck out for a few?"
Liberty's stomach pitched when Devin aimed those intense blue eyes at her. "Anything else you want to add?"
The cool tone wasn't only a challenge, but his clear displeasure that she'd voiced an opinion. Because she was a woman? Or because she'd dissed his operation? She let her gaze flit across the men on his side of the table, three-piece-suit guy, bearded guy and a guy wearing a cowboy hat who hadn't said a word. "Brutal honesty, Mr. McClain? You've reached a high level of success in the music world. You deserve a nicer bus than that piece of shit parked out front, especially if your safety truly is their number-one concern."Source: www_Novel12_Com