The Faith: Book I of the Uprising Trilogy

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Writing a novel is never a solitary process. There are countless people I need to thank for their support, their input, their ideas, and for their love.

First, to Mandy: Thank you as always for the being the beautiful, intricate, complex, and supportive woman I love. For this project, thank you for your beautiful cover artwork.

To Daniel Fry: Thank you for your ideas, your encouragement, and your many hours of conversation with tea. Thank you also for your editing; the help is absolutely appreciated.

To Nathan Lowell and J. A. Konrath: Although you probably didn't know it, your work inspired me to write and threw me onto this wonderful path I'm walking. Thank you.

To Alexandre Dumas, Sir Anthony Hope, William Shakespeare, and all the others: Thank you for walking the path ahead of me.

To all those I missed, thank you too.

Without you all, these stories would never get written.

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