One Bullet Left

Author: John Martyn
Book #0 of Series: N/A
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Published year: 2013
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Someone is killing the members of a pseudo-outlaw gang one at a time. After a saloon brawl in a small town in the old west, the fifth of the six outlaws is murdered and the deputy sheriff witnesses the entire thing. What caused this man, dubbed as the Riata Killer to go after these men with such malice and what will the sheriff of this small western town do with him now that he has been caught?Serialized Fiction: bigger stories told in concurrent, easy to digest, smaller parts.PeeDee3, Intergalactic, Insectoid Assassin, Season One: PeeDee3 is Dead, Episode 10: Spider Murphoid, the galaxy's deadliest Arachnoid ultimate fighter, so dangerous in fact that the sporting syndicates can't get anyone to fight him willingly. So who better to coerce into the ring than the Kacekan with a deadly reputation and a total lack of brain matter? Spider Murphoid's got some of the deadliest and most illegal moves in the ultimate fighting scene and eight hands and two feet to deliver the goods. This Spider's going to murder PeeDee3.

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