Found in You

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"Well, hello to you, too," I purred under his caress.

He gathered the material of my dress up around my waist, exposing my thong-wearing ass cheeks. "The fancy ride is merely for privacy. No one should witness the things I intend to do to you on the way to our event."

Craning my neck to see his face, I asked, "And what, pray tell, do you intend to do?"

"First, this." His hand came down hard on my bottom, and I gasped. Hudson had swatted me before, but spanking-this was new. And it was hot.

I was vaguely aware that the car hadn't moved yet when his hand came down again even harder this time. "One for each time you teased me about other men today," he said.

It suddenly felt very Dominant/submissive to me-like something I'd read about in a trashy romance novel where the billionaire alpha hero got off on whips and chains. Though Hudson was definitely domineering, and the spanking was a nice treat, I was pretty sure it wasn't a lifestyle either of us planned to explore any deeper. It was too base of a form of control for Hudson-he preferred his domination with a heavy dose of manipulation. At least, according to what I knew about his past.

But role-playing-that was a different thing entirely and likely up Hudson's alley. I decided to test it out. In an affected meek voice, I said, "Thank you, sir. Thank you for the spanking."

Hudson laughed. "Do you need another one for mocking me?"

Either he wasn't getting it or he wasn't into it. I tried my submissive tone again. "I'm not mocking, sir. I enjoy my punishment, if it pleases you."

"Oh, we're playing that game, are we?" And the light bulb goes on. "In that case, another one because it pleases me." He spanked me again, the slapping sound such a turn on that I squirmed in his lap. "And another for the secret you've been keeping."

My breath caught. We were playing a game. He couldn't be serious. Still, dread gathered in my belly at the thought of things he might have found out. "What secret is that, sir?"

"That you enjoy being spanked. I can smell how wet you are from here."

A combination of relief and arousal washed over me. "Yes, sir. I do."

His finger slipped past the small triangle of material at my crotch and inside my cunt. "Yes, you certainly do. You're dripping."

His hand retreated and he spanked me once more, rubbing away the sting before sitting me upright next to him. Then he reached over to grab the seatbelt and pull it across me. "I insist you buckle up while we're driving. I have to protect what's mine."

I smiled. It was actually I who insisted on seatbelts whenever we were in the car. The whole parents dying in a car accident thing really sheds light on the importance of safety. It was a good move on his part, though. Quite in character. Not for the first time, I saw flashes of the man who liked to play games more often. Perhaps this little bit of role play could be a way for him to act out the part he'd so long taken with other women.

Since Hudson seemed to be enjoying the fun, I turned up my performance. "But sir, how can I ever please you when I'm held to one spot?"

"Are you challenging my decision?" His eyes twinkled with a wicked gleam. "Because I'm not above putting you back over my knee."

"I'm sure you're not. Sir." He'd enjoyed the spanking as much as I had.

His eyes narrowed, but he left me in my spot. After we were both secured in our seats, Hudson pressed the intercom. "Jordan, we're ready."

As the car lurched into traffic, Hudson looked me over, his eyes heavy-lidded. "Turn in your seat as much as you can to face me."

I did as he commanded, shifting as much as the seatbelt would allow. I had no idea what he had planned, where he would take this game, and the anticipation sent a shiver through my body.

With one hand around my nape, he brought me in for a rough kiss. I heard his other hand working the fly of his pants as he stroked into my mouth with long licks of his tongue. He continued his assault for several minutes, leaving my lips plump and raw when he pulled me away from him with a tug of my hair.

As if by magnetic force, my interest was drawn down to his stunning cock, bare and ready.

He pulled my hair until my gaze returned to his. "Eyes on me."

The smartass part of me wanted to say that my eyes had been on him-on a deliciously exciting piece of him. But I knew what he meant, and smartass wasn't part of the role I was playing, so I kept my mouth shut.

"Good girl." His hand was still tangled in my locks. "That kiss was to set the tone. Now you will suck me off. And I want it to feel like that kiss."

"Okay. Now as in now?" God, I was a shitty submissive.

"Yes, now."

I inhaled his unique scent as I bent forward, eager as always to take him into my mouth. My usual c**k sucking ritual involved lots of licking and teasing, but if the tone was to mirror the kiss, then I had to assume he wanted me to skip the foreplay. Instead of licking, as I'd normally begin with, I circled both hands around his penis and sucked his crown.

I took his low hiss as a sign of approval.

Fisting him at his base with one hand, I covered my teeth with my lips, hollowed my cheeks and pumped him with my hand and mouth in tandem.

His voice was strained as he encouraged me. "Like that, Alayna. Just...oh, god...just like that."

I loved giving him pleasure, loved pleasing him. He grew thicker as I picked up my tempo, greedily sucking, brushing my tongue across the thick ridge of his shaft as I bobbed up and down.

"Yes, Alayna. You feel so good." He was still in control, though. And I wanted him crazed.

I moved my free hand to cup his balls, rolling them gently in my palm in complete contrast to the frantic way I worked at his shaft with my lips and my tongue.

"Christ...Alayna..." It was then that he took over. He wove his fingers into my hair and directed my head to move at his pace, pushing me down to take him in deeper, deeper, deeper, his h*ps thrusting up as he f**ked my mouth.

I tightened my grip at the root of him, hungry and greedy for his cl**ax. He was so thick and so close and the idea that he might stop me before he reached the goal made me all the more desperate for his release. I was squirming with lust, so turned on by his primal need, by the intense pleasure that I was giving him-I moaned low and deep, the vibration of the tone spinning inside my head and against his shaft.

Hudson's grasp tightened in my hair. "Fuck!" he rasped. "I'm going to come. Take it, Alayna. Take it all."

I moaned again, partly because I couldn't contain how excited I was, partly to push him over the edge.

And it worked.

He poured into me with a long grunt of pleasure as his h*ps thrust up hard, his c**k twitching as it hit the back of my throat. My fist pumped him as he came and came and came. And I took it all. Just like he'd asked, like I'd wanted, though I felt near choking and I could barely breathe. I took every last drop, licking him clean while he shuddered beneath me.

When he was spent, his hand relaxed at my nape and I sat up to face him. Instantly he pulled me in for another kiss, this one sweeter than before, the taste of his mouth mingling with the taste of his se**n until all I could recognize was a flavor that was unique and new, yet all Hudson.

"Thank you," I murmured against his lips. He had been playing at lord and master but he'd succeeded in pleasing me. I'd wanted to taste him, had yearned for him to finish in my mouth. Not because I was especially in love with giving blowjobs, but I wanted every experience with Hudson-the good, the bad, and especially the carnal. I recognized it for the gift that it was, and it made the episode all the more wonderful.

He sat back, stroking my hair from my face. "Alayna." I adored how he said my name, how it always felt like he was saying so much more with only those three syllables. Like a prayer, like a touchstone. It made me feel beautiful. Who was I kidding? It was what made me beautiful.

His gray eyes searched mine for long seconds. "How does it feel to belong to me?"

I didn't know if he was still playing or not. For me, the game was over. It was with sincerity that I answered. "Perfect."

Chapter Seven

Hudson was not willing to let me go unsatisfied. By the time we'd reached the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, I was spent and ready for a nap. Hudson, on the other hand, seemed revived, a smug grin on his face as he took my hand, escorting me out of the limo.

An attractive blonde with Eighties pink nail polish stood at the main entrance, checking invitations as guests made their way into the gardens. Hudson was allowed in without flashing any credentials.

"You seem awfully pleased with yourself," I whispered as we entered the grounds.

He dismissed my comment. "Everyone knows who I am."

"That's not what you seem pleased about."

He shot me a wicked grin. "I think I deserve to be pleased.

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