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. Don't be. I want you here."

His words were the consolation I needed, sending calm over every part of my worry like a blanket smothering a fire. "Are you sure?" I'd been eased, but I wanted more where that came from. "You've never brought a woman here before, have you? It's weird, isn't it?"

His thumb stroked my cheek, my skin awakening under his caress. "It's different, because I haven't brought a woman here, but it's not weird. And I am completely sure that I want you to be here."

I thrilled at the confirmation that I was the first woman he'd allowed in, the first woman he'd make love to in this house. "Me, too. I mean, I'm sure that I want to be here." His gaze burned into me. I could get lost there forever and that scared me just enough.

Looking for a way to keep myself, for only a moment longer, I glanced over at the room connected to the living room. "What's over there? Is that the dining room?"

"I'll give you a tour in the morning." He brought his other hand up to cradle my face, capturing my eyes again with his.

"A tour in the morning," I repeated. And there I went-lost to him. "But not now."

"No, not now. Now I want to welcome you to my home." His mouth crashed into mine, taking me to dizzying heights that put the view behind me to shame. His lips sucked my own before his tongue slid inside my mouth with delicious strokes that threw me off balance, provoking me to throw my arms around his neck and hold on for dear life.

He moved a hand from my face to wrap around my waist and pulled me into him where I could feel his erection against my thigh through the thin material of his boxers. His other hand reached behind my head to tangle in my hair. I pressed my br**sts into him, needing to feel him with every part of my body.

A moan caught in the back of Hudson's throat, vibrating underneath our kiss and kindling the desire in my belly. I shifted, trying to get closer, my leg antsy to hook around him.

His lips still wrapped around mine, he said, "I do have one room I want to show you tonight."

"I hope it's the bedroom."

"It is." In a blur of motion, he lifted me in his arms and headed back to the foyer I'd come from. Just like that he carried me away, the movement imitating the effect he had on me in general-with him, I was a branch in a roaring river, rushing toward the sea. And Hudson, he was the current, pulling me whichever way he wanted to take me. I was at his mercy.

He'd promised me that he wouldn't play his manipulative games with me, that he'd never try to control me. But it was a promise he couldn't keep. He swept me away with him whether he intended to or not. And that was perfectly fine with me.

He carried me through the foyer, kissing me as he did until we reached the end of the hallway where he turned into what had to be the master bedroom. My attention still entirely on him, I only registered that he was laying me on a king-size bed, the light gray sheets disheveled on one side, the left side. His side. The intimacy of being in the place that Hudson slept, had slept in earlier that evening, shot a pang of need to my already aching core. I wanted him on me and in me, not standing above me gazing down with hooded eyes.

He'd take his time with me though, and there was no use disputing his tempo. There was no reason to dispute. Though a dominant lover, he always focused his attention on my needs, always attended to me in the ways he knew best. And god, did he know me best, knew how to turn my body boneless and sated, knew how to arouse and love me, even when I didn't.

His hand lagged down the length of my leg to my ankle where he removed my strappy sandal with a gentleness that had me writhing. He repeated the action with my other shoe, then knelt over me to deliver a brief kiss. I reached up to pull him in for more, but he resisted.

"Last time we went quickly. This time I need to savor you." Last time had been fast and fraught, a reprieve mid-argument, on the new couch in the manager's office at The Sky Launch, and he hadn't left me with any complaints. But being savored sounded pretty damn awesome, too.

With a trail of wet kisses, he made his way down my body to the hem of my dress. With a wicked gleam in his eyes, he shoved the material up around my waist, placing a kiss on the center of my want.

A moan escaped my lips and he chuckled softly. His fingers slipped under the band of my panties, pulling them off and tossing them aside. He hooked my leg over his shoulder and then his mouth was back on me, licking and sucking greedily at the bundle of nerves between my thighs.

I was already delirious from pleasure when he slipped two fingers inside me, probing and twisting until he pulled my orgasm from me with ease. I shuddered and quaked while he climbed up to reclaim my mouth where he kissed me with deep hunger.

The soft sounds he made as he devoured me, the taste of me on his tongue, the jab of his c**k in my thigh-it was only half a minute before the tightness built again in my belly, ready for another ride up the hill to ecstasy. Drawn to touch him, my hand found his c**k and rubbed it through his underwear.

His mouth broke from mine with a groan. I nudged at him to roll to his side while I continued to stroke him. "Boxers? Do you wear these often?"

"To bed."

"I like them. I've never seen you in them." My hand slipped inside the opening of his shorts, marveling as I always did at the softness of his thick shaft in my hand, at the heat rolling off his skin.

"Because when I go to bed with you-" His voice broke as I ran my hand across his crown. "I wear nothing."

"Oh, yeah. I like that even better." It was my turn to slip my hand into the band of his underwear and pull them down his strong legs, my eyes pinned on the gorgeous sight of his erection as I did.

As soon as his boxers hit the floor, he drew me to him again. "I like it when you're wearing nothing." His fingers were already tugging my dress up over my belly. "You need to be wearing nothing right now."

"I won't argue." I sat up to help him pull the outfit over my head. He tossed the dress aside and his hands circled around me to unhook my bra, freeing my br**sts. Then he was stretched out over me, his penis hot at my entrance for only a second before he plunged inside of me, penetrating me, stretching me, filling me the way only he could.

He turned to his side, taking me with him, and I wrapped a leg around him, urging him deeper. He'd wanted to savor me, but either he changed his mind or he couldn't contain himself, unleashing his passion with rapid thrusts. Each time he drove in, he hit a tender spot that made me crazy, drawing another cl**ax to surface, starting in my core, tightening my thighs, traveling down to curl my toes as it rolled through my body.

Hudson continued his assault, increasing his speed until he grunted out his own release. He collapsed, still inside me, and gathered me in his arms to spread kisses down my face-an unusually tender gesture from the guarded man I'd grown to love. I delighted in the sweetness of it.

"Did I mention that I'm awfully glad you're here?" he asked, breaking his sentence to continue his trail of kisses.

Hearing those words meant everything. I recognized it as Hudson's version of I love you. He hadn't brought himself to say it to me directly-he was too new to the emotion, and I didn't expect it. Though he had accepted it earlier in the evening when I'd informed him that I knew he was in love with me, and he hadn't freaked when I told him I was in love with him.

Still, I didn't fool myself into thinking we'd have instant hearts and roses. Baby steps. Saying how he felt at all was a step in itself. That it included how he felt about me equaled two steps in my book.

I ran my hand through his hair as his mouth lowered to my neck. "You did say it. And if you hadn't, I think I figured it out." I waggled my eyebrows to make sure he knew I was referring to what had just occurred physically. "But you can tell me as many times as you'd like." In as many different ways as you'd like, I added silently.

He shifted over me and sucked further down my body, heading toward my br**sts. Obviously, we were already headed for round two. "I'm glad you're here, precious." He tugged my nipple between his teeth then eased the sting with a swirl of his tongue.

I drew in a deep breath, delighting in the mix of pleasure and pain as he showered my other breast with the same attention. His nickname for me, precious, floated through my mind as his mouth licked at my skin. He'd called me that since our first sexual encounter, nearly two weeks before. Had it only been that long? And had it only been another week before that when I'd first met him at the club, when I didn't yet know he was the Hudson Pierce? It already seemed like a lifetime. The term of endearment he used for me had held weight from the first moment he'd said it. But we'd only just met then.

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