Found in You

Found in You: Page 54

This suspicion was confirmed with his next words. "As nice as it is having the fantasy fulfilled, I'd much rather take you back to The Bowery and have you in our bed."

"That sounds awesome. Because as beautiful as this all is, I'm sticky and I have rose petals stuck to my ass and thighs."

Hudson laughed, his dick twitching inside me with the motion. "The side effects of romantic gestures."

"You better get out before you get hard again."

"Already halfway there." He pulled out of me, and, sure enough, he was already sporting another semi.

He stood then helped me up after him, brushing petals off my backside. After we'd finished dressing, Hudson turned on the club lights so I could blow out the candles.

"Ready to go home?"

I shivered at the sweet sound of the word home. Our home. It had become such a lonesome cave in the days he'd been gone. Now it could be restored to its former glory. "As long as you're there, then there's no place else I'd rather be."

Brushing a lingering rose petal from my arm, I looked around the room. "What about the mess?" Then before he answered, I said, "Let me guess-you have people."

He shrugged. "We have people."

I actually didn't freak about his overt suggestion that we were tied even more deeply than we were. I'd told the truth to Mira when I said I couldn't think about those things, but maybe I could be okay when other people thought about it.

Hudson retrieved his jacket from the dance floor railing. He pulled out his phone from one of the pockets and typed something in-a text for our ride, I guessed.

"Oh," he said, digging in another of his jacket pockets. "I almost forgot. This is for you." He handed me a phone, nearly identical to the one I'd broken.

"So sure I haven't already replaced it, are you?" I asked with a laugh.

He winked. "You weren't answering any of my calls or texts. I'd hoped it was because you were still phoneless."

"I was phoneless so that I wouldn't break down and call you."

"Should I ask for an explanation?"

"No. It's just me. Thank you for the phone. It was very thoughtful." I wrapped my arm around his and together we walked toward the club entrance. "Hey, did you get Plexis back?"

"I did. But it wouldn't have mattered if I hadn't gotten you back."

Damn, the stuff he said was sweet. Only two weeks before, he'd been completely cut off from me, sharing very few of his true feelings. To think I could have missed out on all the beauty he had to offer if I'd let him slip away. Thank god, I'd stuck around for the good stuff.

I gazed up at his profile. "You never lost me, remember?"

"That's right. I didn't." We'd reached the door and he turned to look at me. Those startling grey eyes-I could stay in them forever. Not lost, exactly, but more like found.

"I love you, Hudson Pierce."

He breathed it in, physically breathed in my words-I could see exactly how they affected him. He needed them like I needed his touch. They changed him in some way that wasn't quite tangible but real all the same.
It made up for the fact that he still hadn't been able to return the declaration.

He shook himself. "Go on out. Jordan should be waiting. I'll set the alarm and lock up."

He needed a minute to himself. I got that. He had the same effect on me.

I walked out, finding Jordan waiting with the Maybach.

"Good evening, Ms. Withers. I'm sorry to say that you missed your flight."

I winked. "Another time, I suppose."

I slid in the car, crossing to the opposite window to leave space for Hudson. While I waited, I turned on the new phone Hudson had given me. I smiled at the front screen wallpaper-it was a publicity picture of us kissing from the fashion show I'd attended with him. Scrolling through my contacts, I could tell that he'd managed to transfer my number and all my personal data to the new phone.

After a minute, the phone buzzed to notify me of incoming texts. I had seventeen in all. I scrolled through them, finding most were from Hudson, one from Brian-probably from before he'd found out my phone had broken.

My brow furrowed as I saw two texts from an unknown number. I opened the first one. "The video file is too big for text. Text me if you want to see it in person."

Confused, I scrolled to the next text from that number. "Btw, this is Stacy from Mirabelle's."

Ah, Stacy. She'd told me she had some proof about Hudson and Celia. Some reason not to trust her.

I laughed to myself. Too little, too late. Whatever proof Stacy had that Celia was a bitch was completely unnecessary. I'd learned the hard way.

Though it did pique my curiosity.

"Everything okay?" Hudson asked as he slipped in the backseat next to me.

"Everything's perfect." I dimmed my phone and stuck it in my bra. The outside world didn't hold a spark of interest to me when I had Hudson beside me. I was beginning to see that he might be there for a long time. He was right-we were connected. Nothing could break us apart. I was convinced of that now.

I buckled my seatbelt then settled into the crook of his arm thinking perfect was something I could get used to.

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