The Story of Haybaler: A Saga of Generations

Author: Bradly Jay Keller, M.D.
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Published year: 2015
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The Story of Haybaler, is a book about the lives of the Stiles family in hill country Texas. The author portrays the drama of individual lives as they unfold on life's stage. There are many pearls of wisdom to be gained from chapter to chapter. In fact, the book can be seen as a string of pearls, which begins and ends on a piece of land called Acorn Ridge.This book was written to entertain sick children at The Royal Children's Hospital in Victoria by a team from Riverside School in Tasmania, Australia, competing in ‘Write-a-Book-in-a-Day' Authors: Elouise Lethborg, Sarah Greenhouse, Ella Booth, Nicola Marshall, Robin Verhoeff, Ashley Badkin, Emma Brown, Charlie O'Toole, Connor Brophy, and Aishwarya Sudhakaran.We encourage you to pay for this book as all proceeds go to children's hospitals.

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